Slots Game Twist

These Are the Symbols in Slots

Naturally, the reels of a retro game that is all about slots need to show fruit symbols. Slots borrows the props of one-armed bandits and is decked with colourful fruit and other winning symbols. The blend of symbols is rounded off by iconic BAR strips, lucky 7s, Bells and Stars. Melons, Strawberries, Plums, Oranges, Lemons and Cherries promise succulent wins.

Slots: The Gameplay

Place symbol strips one by one in the mini slot which you consider best. Please note: mini slots are always filled from left to right. Selecting a slot with a mouse click places the currently displayed strip to the left on the next possible free reel. Your aim is to line up as many hits as possible along the win lines – preferably on several slots because that earns extra points!

How to Get Extra Points in Slots

If you’re going to rake it in, rake it in big time! Should you achieve great results in several mini slots, your point score will go through the roof. You bag extra points when:

  • A mini slot shows the same symbol nine times – this rewards you with 200 extra points.
  • Three slots score a hit – this multiplies your current point score by 1.5.
  • Four slots clean up simultaneously – this doubles your current point score!

Slots overview

Game CategoryOnline Slot

Slots features

  • Retro slot with a strategic element
  • Decision time – you determine what happens next!
  • Bonus points for multiple hits
  • Bonus round when you achieve 240 points

Game category: Casino Slot Machines Review

Slots Game Twist